Ship your products, not peanuts

Bongo a mis en place des méthodes d'emballage avancées et des tarifs d'expédition internationaux garantis pour ses clients.
20-30% savings in packaging costs
Decreased international shipping costs
Reduced reliance on filler material
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Le problème : 

Shipping styrofoam across the ocean

Bongo International gives global consumers the ability to purchase and receive goods, irrespective of their physical location. By providing its customers with both an American and European shipping address, Bongo International simplifies the cross border shopping experience while reducing the costs associated with international transportation. With a manual procedure of consolidating customer purchases, repackaging items and processing international shipments, the company was looking  for a technology solution to improve its efficiency.

“With over 160,000 customers utilizing our service worldwide, we recognized the need to find a more efficient packaging system for international deliveries," said Bongo International CEO Craig Turnbull. Upon researching solutions, the company learned about the streamlined box manufacturing process and sophisticated packaging software technology provided by the Packsize On Demand Packaging® system.

“Implementing the Packsize system has provided more value to our customers by speeding up our shipment process, reducing the need for filler material, customizing each package size and reducing international shipping costs.”

La mise en place du système Packsize a à apporter bien plus de valeur à nos clients, car nous avons pu accélérer notre processus d'expédition, réduire l'utilisation de matériaux de calage, personnaliser la taille de chaque colis et réduire les frais d'expédition à l'international.
Craig Turnbull
Bongo International

La solution :

Packaging that’s music to the ears

Packsize On Demand Packaging® is able to centralize Bongo International’s packaging function by improving the old “store and retrieve” corrugated packaging process  by placing a high speed package converting machine with a very small footprint together with a stack of corrugated material on the pack line. Product dimensions can be input manually, allowing workers the ability to instantly create a box that matches the product to be packaged and shipped.

Bongo International’s employees prepare shipments for international transit with
a focus on proper packing methods to ensure items arrive to their destination in  pristine condition. With the On Demand Packaging® system, Bongo International  can safely promise smartly packaged products, shipped safely and securely.

According to Turnbull, the company has seen a 20 to 30 percent savings in packaging costs since implementing the Packsize system in November 2012. “Packsize has  provided very reliable onsite support and has addressed our packaging needs  

Bongo International’s operations team lives by the Woody Guthrie quote, “Any fool can make something complicated. It takes a genius to make it simple.” Packsize’s On Demand Packaging® system supports the company’s goal of providing its customers with solid, simple service.